Washington Coast

The Washington Coast

The coast of Washington State is a beautiful vacation spot that offers many things to see and do for all ages. The coastal region is divided into four main areas where people get away. Each has its own distinctive features and offerings.

The remote Peninsula area is beautiful and rocky, but mostly inaccessable. Neah Bay is a small indian reservation, and home of the Makah Tribe. La Push is very small, but does have a port that allows ocean access for small boaters when conditions are good. Kalaloch boasts some of the most scenic, pristine, and remote beaches in the country.

The North Beach area has miles of sandy beaches. The two primary towns in the area are Ocean Shores and Copalis Beach. Ocean Shores, based both on their name and extensive marketing, is the most popular destination for tourists looking to visit the Washington coast. It's casino is also a fairly large attraction.

The South Beach boasts 17 miles of sandy beach as well as the city of Westport, one of the premier charter fishing destinations in the nation. The beach community of Grayland scenic beaches and cranberry farms. Tokeland is a small quaint town just inside the Willapa bay. The South Beach is typically the preferred vacation spot for people who have visited multiple places on the Washington coast.

Long Beach has one of the longest uninterrupted stretches of beach on the West Coast. Long Beach typically draws vacationers from the area of Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR. The small town of Ocean Park is also a popular destination, as is the town of Ilwaco that provides opportunity for excellent salmon and sturgeon fishing in both the ocean and the Columbia River.