Washington Coast

The Washington Coast

Long Beach, Washington is a coastal city in the Pacific County of Washington State. The town is also part of a peninsula it shares a name with: the Long Beach Peninsula.

What to do

Things to do in Long Beach, Washington can vary based upon your interests, but there are many options. Some activities include visiting the Cranberry Museum, the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum, the World Kite Museum and Hall of Fame, or the Knappton Cove Heritage Center. Just relaxing at the beach is a common choice, as well.

There are also other possibilities such as visiting farms, going out for a boat ride, bowling, horse riding, and more. The 9-hole public Peninsula Golf Course is also an option. Seasonally, fishing may be open, and festivals as well as other events may be taking place.


Long Beach, Washington hotels are available in various locations throughout the city. Other accommodations such as lodging and RV parks are also available.

Real estate

Long Beach, Washington homes and other real estate are available. Properties for residential, commercial, and investment purposes can all be found.


At the time of the 2000 census, 1283 people were residents of Long Beach, Washington. The amount of people in the small 1.3 square mile area of the town makes for a population density of roughly 1000 per square mile. The town's residents at the time of the census made up 660 households, 314 of which were families. The average household size was around 1.9, while the aveage family size was roughly 2.6.

The population was significantly female, with around a 100:81 ratio of females to males. 47 years was the median age of the population.

Median income ranged from approximately $23,600 for a household, to $33,000 for a family. Per capita income reached about $21,000. Below the poverty line were approximately 13% of families and 19% of the entire population.

Additional city information

Long Beach, Washington uses the 98631 zip code, and its phone area code is 360. The city was incorporated on January 18, 1922. At the time of writing, its mayor was Bob Andrew.