Washington Coast

The Washington Coast

The area known as the North Beach of Washington gets its name due to the fact that the primary coastal population is centered around Grays Harbor. The area south of the harbor is the South Beach, and the area north of the harbor is the North Beach. The primary city on the North Beach is Ocean Shores, Washington.

The most popular destination on the Washington Coast

The Ocean Shores area is the most popular destination on the Washington Coast. This is due to extensive marketing and traditional popularity. The name itself was also well chosen to attract tourism. As a result, the area has several interesting and fun activities year round, and is heavily geared toward providing services for tourists.


Ocean shores has several things to offer, but its primary focus is the beach. The town itself is very spread out with no real central location. The North Jetty is a popular place to visit, especially in the summer when there is a significant amount of boat traffic going by headed for Westport.

Ocean Shores has a golf course, shopping, casino, moped rentals, bumper cars and bumper boats, go-karts, horseback riding, and many other tourist related activities.

The area around duck lake has navigable waterways for paddled boats as well as fresh water fishing. There are three community parks including Chinook, North Bay, and Emerson. There are extensive wetland areas for bird watching.


The 2000 census lists the population of Ocean Shores as 3,863 people. The city has a total area of 12 square miles. The median household income is $34,643.