Washington Coast

The Washington Coast

The area known as the South Beach of Washington gets its name due to the fact that the primary coastal population is centered around Grays Harbor. The area south of the harbor is the South Beach, and the area north of the harbor is the North Beach. It is also frequently referred to as Twin Harbors since it is located between the Grays Harbor and Willapa bays.

The choice destination on the Washington Coast

The South Beach area is our recommended vacation spot. While Ocean Shores is the most popular destination, this is largely due to extensive marketing over several years, and not based on user opinions. A majority of visitors who have vacationed in multiple places on the coast prefer the South Beach.

The towns on the beach

In addition to its 17 miles of beach, the area includes the towns of Tokeland and Grayland, as well as the city of Westport. Unlike the other beaches that have their primary areas very spread out, this area offers a very popular tourist hub in the Westport Marina area. It is a public marina capable of holding over 600 boats, and allows people to walk the docks and view the boats as well as shop in the several marina area stores. Westport is known for its world class fishing, and people travel from all over the country every year to fish out of Westport. In 2009, Westport has a charter fleet of about 40 boats.

The area of Grayland has scattered stores and restaurants with several points of beach access. It is also a large cranberry growing area and borders vast timber resources. Tokeland is nestled just inside the Willapa Bay and has a small marina as well. Tokeland is also home to the nations smallest Indian Reservation, the Shoalwater Reservation.

Detailed Information

Extensive and well organized information on the South Beach area, which includes Westport, Grayland, Tokeland, and North Cove can be found at http://WestportWa.com